How To Get Started With Making Beats

Making your own beats is a lot of fun – and interesting too. Making beats does not require an instrument; but to get started does require a computer.

Making beats

You will also need to have some software that will allow you to lay down the tracks. There are a few different beats programs on the internet which are very inexpensive compared to what you get for your money. These are not cut down either – you could create and release a professional track with some of these. My current favorite is Beat Generals – you can find my Beats General review here.It even has a free trial so can you check it out for a whole week without paying anything. Here’s the kind of awesome stuff you can create with it:-

The best programs allow you to create your own sounds and then be able to play them back, re-edit the sounds and then replay them back. You do not have to have any musical skills to use a beat program; however, it helps out drastically.

It takes time to produce a good recording with a full two minutes plus length. So you will need to be patient – even the best producers in the business do not get it right even after hours of work, sometimes it takes days and even longer. But it’s fun, and having lots of ideas on the go means you can jump between them, make a few changes, then come back to it a week later and tweak again. The old saying that patience is a virtue holds true, particularly if you want a musical career.

Let Other People Do The Hard Work!

There are a lot of cool people involved in the beats world.And one of the key elements of making beats is finding and using libraries of sounds that other people have created. You know, the exact kind of sounds that you hear in track by Noah ’40’ Shebib, Drake, Kanye, Travis Scott etc

These guys have already learned all the valuable techniques for making beats, which they’ve added to their own tool kit of sound effects. This helps both amateurs and professionals create a quality album. Many of the greatest sound effect technicians are hired to travel with touring bands or record their sounds in a studio. These are often sounds they’ve created entirely on their own, from recording and making beats that they enjoy.

A beat program can help you make your own beats for a variety of music pop, rap, hip hop, and a host of other musical styles. But you will find that some beat programs are way easier to use than others – that’s why I suggest Beat General, everyone can start on this and it can take you a long, long way. You get a great variety of sounds, including musical instruments like drums, guitar, synthesizer, and piano, as well as sound like triangles, bells, car horns, gun shots, and much more. Plus you get some amazing tutorials that will literally walk you through recreating real tracks by big names.

Do You Need A Big Budget?

No way, once you have the software, you just need a good set of headphones (you have some good headphones right?). You can set up a whole studio in time if you like, but that’s enough to get you going.

Your budget will also determine the extent of the sounds available in the program you choose. You’ll have enough to start with, but eventually you’ll probably want to add other libraries of sounds too – but you can do that at your own pace.

If you are serious about being a musician though, you just need to get started. Then you will just need to add determination. Determination is what it takes to succeed in any venture not matter what it is.

I hope this has helped you in getting started making beats and learning how to make your own beats. Not only is it fun it can also help open up some serious opportunities in your life. Just do it, get started and see where it takes you.

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