The Electronic Drum Pad – Cool Way To Learn To Play The Drums

When you are learning to play the drums many people think they have to go out and buy an expensive drum set. That is really not true.

One great way to learn the drums is a electronic drum pad. These are great! They help you learn to play the drums without the large investment. This also makes it possible for you to try out the drums, and make sure it is something you really want to pursue. If you decide that you are just not cut out for the drums, then you are not left with a drum set in your living room.

The alternative if you’ve got a decent computer and you just want to make music, is to get some good beats software. You could trawl around online for days trying to figure out which to go for, but in my opinion when you’re starting out you want to keep it fairly simple (whilst still getting something than can make pro sounding tracks). Check out my review of Beat Generals as this is definitely one to put on your shortlist. It’s not free but it does come with a free trial, and it is seriously popular for a reason.

But if you want that feel of real drums without the cost, then the electronic drum pad is very similar to playing actual drums. It even simulates the feel of real drums. Most are topped with a rubber material to give you the bounce that comes with an actual drum. There are even drum pads that have a rattle incorporated to give you the true sound of a snare drum.

Another great thing about a drum pad is that is is easier to transport then an actual set. This means you can take them with you and practice whenever you get a free moment. Soon playing the drums will be easy as pie and who knows, you may even want to start your own band.

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  1. My 10 year old nephew has been learning drums off and on for over a year (off when his teacher moved away and he had to find another one!). I know nothing about drums but am looking at electronic drum kits for him to practice on at home – prices shocked me though! Is there somewhere I could go to (online or in person) for guidance i.e. how many drums, what’s essential what’s not, can ‘skins’ on electronic drums be replaced (easily?) etc. I’ve looked a practice pads but I don’t think he’d be happy with that!


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