Double Bass Drum Set Facts

Double bass drumIf you are going to learn to play the drums than it helps to know about the different types available. The bass drum, sometimes referred to as a kick drum is the large drum that makes the deep booming noise, right? The bass drum is used to produce the deep sound made to the beat of the music.

But if you’re into heavy rock or metal you will have seen (and heard) a double bass drum set being played. Although believe it or not, these kits actually have their roots in jazz back in the 1940’s!

Now double bass drum kits have either a single foot pedal, or two foot pedals connected by a bar. These operate the beater or as it is also known, a mallet. They can be used with one pedal, or with a set up that has one for each foot. Generally they are used by the right foot of the drummer.

The invention of the double pedal means that you do not need two bass drums, which means more versatility and less cost for the drummer. Not to mention that takes half as much space as having two drums on stage which makes them very popular with bands.

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