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Djembe drumThe djembe is one of the most unique instruments in the percussion world. It was designed in West Africa as an instrument that unites all people in peace. It’s an amazing instrument that anyone can learn to play.

But if you want to sound really good, it’s worth taking a couple of lessons from someone who knows their African beats.

And that’s where I came across Lamin Jassey, who is a master djembe drummer who has been in love with music since the age of 11.

More About Lamin Jassey

Lamin grew up in Africa with a Gambian mother and a Senegalese father. He’s been playing in a various bands for most of his life. Most recently with African reggae band Lamin & Tamala, and the roots reggae band Lamin & African Root.

He also runs a small drum school back home in Gambia, where he gives tourists a real taste of African dance and of course, African drumming.

But you don’t have to go to Africa to benefit from Lamin’s lessons.

Learn To Play Djembe Online With Lamin

Lamin’s Djembe Drumming Lessons program uses a system that he has used for training thousands of djembe drummers from all parts of the world. It teaches people how to play the djembe with the right patterns and movements, and will even take you from total beginner if that’s where you are at right now.

Lamin Jassey teaching djembe

The program is video based, and includes 27 specific video lessons that cover 8 different rhythms. These include lessons on the Gese, Rhumba and Sunu rhythms among others.

The videos showcase clearly how to use your hands, and of course the right timing methods to get the best possible beats out of your drum. This is all done with Jassey’s individual style and instructions on how to play djembe ryhtms right and create authentic African beats that really do sound pretty cool.

So What Will You Learn?

Each of the 8 different rhythm styles is taught right from the most basics, and you see clearly how the rhythms are designed and built up. This includes learning how to move from the base rhythm to the cross rhythm, and how to add texture over the top. Each style set also has a video where you can play along with Jassey.

Who Is It For?

The program is easy to follow and covers every aspect of the different djembe drumming styles. So even if you’re a total beginner who has barely touched a drum before, this will get you going, and having fun fast. And Jaffey really does emphasize a sense of fun when playing the djembe.

The lessons are nicely broken down into 27 videos, which helps greatly to move at your own pace.

More experienced drummers will obviously move through the lessons faster, but will still get a lot out of Jassey’s style and teaching. He’ll quickly instill a little piece of Africa in anyone.

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally you would pay at least $30 for a lesson with Jassey, but here we’re talking about a series of online djembe video lessons. So the cost has been kept nice and low at a total of $39.99 for the full 27 lesson course.

And as the training videos are online it also means you get instant access. So if you’re aching to get started, it’s a nice way to get stuck in and learning some rythms fast.

An hour from now can take you from nowhere to pounding out some pretty cool beats.

You won’t need it, but it’s nice to know the program does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Which is a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the program.

What Do Other People Say About The Lessons?

Here’s what other people who have taken the course think of Djembe Drumming Lessons:-

“I was a horrible djembe player, but with Lamin’s first lesson now I can jam quite decently. Thank you Lamin!”

 So regular normal people can start from nowhere and quickly get somewhere.

“an astounding teacher with clear instruction and insight into rhythm, you can’t go wrong, thank you so much.”

“a great vibe and empowering nature to his teachings.”

So What Do I Think?

Playing djembe should be fun. And the Djembe Drumming Lessons online video program is not only clear and easy to use – but it is fun too. I like Lamin and I think you will too.

The program covers 8 rhythm styles over 27 video lessons, and costs just $40.

So if you want to learn to play djembe drum, you can’t really go wrong with this course either to get you going, or to give you a few new tricks to try out.

Check Out The Free Trial Videos

If you’re not 100% sure this is right for you, then do check out the series of 3 free drumming videos. You’ll get a little taste of Jassey’s enthusiasm for the djembe, and a feel for how it works.

Note: you’ll need to hand over your email address for the free videos, but don’t worry, he won’t sell your email to anyone dodgy – at least, he didn’t with mine anyway 😉


Reference: for more history etc on this instrument see Wikipedia here.

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  1. Thanks for the review – I couldn’t find anyone local to teach me, so this online training was awesome for me. Only took me a few weeks to get the basic rhythms. Now I’m really starting to have some fun with it. [ Peace ]

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